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Vol 4: 2014

Table of Contents

Volume 4 (2014): Front Matter PDF


End User Privacy and Policy-Based Networking PDF
Nancy E. Paterson
Digital Open Access to Publicly Funded Research and National Security: A Review of the Status of Access to and a Framework for Evaluation of Security Related Research Results PDF
Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo
Telecom Policy Across the Former Yugoslavia: Incentives, Challenges, and Lessons Learned PDF
Laura Hosman, Philip N. Howard
Making Information Technologies Work at the End of the Road PDF
Rob McMahon, Michael Gurstein, Brian Beaton, Susan O'Donnell, Tim Whiteduck
Mobile Banking Services in the East African Community (EAC): Challenges to the Existing Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks PDF
Joseph Kariuki Nyaga
Canadian Participation in the Spectrum Management Consultation Process: Involvement, Indifference, or Exclusion? PDF
Michael B. McNally, Brandy Mowatt, Lilian Pintos
“Feeling for Rocks while Crossing the River”: An Analysis of the Statutory Language of China’s First Freedom of Information Law PDF
Yong Tang
Platform Models for Sustainable Internet Regulation PDF
kc claffy, David Clark
e-Democracy: Exploring the Current Stage of e-Government PDF
Toni G.L.A. van der Meer, Dave Gelders, Sabine Rotthier
Participatory Transparency in Social Media Governance: Combining Two Good Practices PDF
Stephan Dreyer, Lennart Ziebarth
“Being a Consistent Pain in the Ass”: Politics and Epistemics in Media Democracy Work PDF
Christina Dunbar-Hester
South Africa’s Promotion of Access to Information Act: An Analysis of Relevant Jurisprudence PDF
Wilhelm Peekhaus

Special Issue: Contemporary Issues in European Media Policy

What We Talk about When We Talk about "The Market": Conceptual Contestation in Contemporary Media Policy Research PDF
Kari Karppinen, Hallvard Moe
The Construction of a Mediterranean Perspective in Media Policy: Common Values for Content Regulation in MENA and EU Countries PDF
Ricardo Carniel Bugs, Carmina Crusafon
European Union Media Policy and Independent Regulatory Authorities: A New Tool to Protect European Media Pluralism? PDF
Carles Llorens, Andreea Madalina Costache
The Missing Link: Online Media Accountability Practices and Their Implications for European Media Policy PDF
Tobias Eberwein, Colin Porlezza
Pitfalls and Obstacles of Media Policymaking in an Age of Digital Convergence: The Flemish Signal Integrity Case PDF
Hilde Van den Bulck, Karen Donders
Blast from the Past? A Comparative Analysis of Broadcast Licensing in the Digital Era PDF
Corinne Schweizer, Manuel Puppis, Matthias Künzler, Samuel Studer

Special Issue: The Role of Advocacy in Media and Telecom Policy

A Tale of Two Regulators: Telecom Policy Participation in Canada PDF
Tamara Shepherd, Gregory Taylor, Catherine Middleton
Academics in the Policy Process: Engagement with Australian Media Policy Inquiries 2011-2013 PDF
Terry Flew
Building the Pipeline of Media and Technology Policy Advocates: The Role of “Situated Learning” PDF
Becky Lentz
The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and European Civil Society: A Case Study on Networked Advocacy PDF
James Losey
Indigenous Regulatory Advocacy in Canada’s Far North: Mobilizing the First Mile Connectivity Consortium PDF
Rob McMahon, Heather Hudson, Lyle Fabian

Special Issue: Papers from the 2013 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

Consumer Resistance Factors for the Adoption of FTTH Ultra-Fast Broadband in New Zealand PDF
Farhaan Mirza, Fernando Beltran
It’s the Definition, Stupid! Framing of Online Privacy in the Internet Governance Forum Debates PDF
Dmitry Epstein, Merrill C. Roth, Eric P.S. Baumer

Book Reviews

Benedetta Brevini, Arne Hintz, and Patrick Mccurdy (eds.), Beyond Wikileaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society PDF
Mira Burri
Evgeny Morozov, To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism PDF
Benjamin W. Cramer

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