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Vol 4: 2014

Table of Contents

Volume 4 (2014): Front Matter PDF


End User Privacy and Policy-Based Networking PDF
Nancy E. Paterson
Digital Open Access to Publicly Funded Research and National Security: A Review of the Status of Access to and a Framework for Evaluation of Security Related Research Results PDF
Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo
Telecom Policy Across the Former Yugoslavia: Incentives, Challenges, and Lessons Learned PDF
Laura Hosman, Philip N. Howard

Special Issue: The Role of Advocacy in Media and Telecom Policy

A Tale of Two Regulators: Telecom Policy Participation in Canada PDF
Tamara Shepherd, Gregory Taylor, Catherine Middleton
Academics in the Policy Process: Engagement with Australian Media Policy Inquiries 2011-2013 PDF
Terry Flew

Special Issue: Papers from the 2013 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

Consumer Resistance Factors for the Adoption of FTTH Ultra-Fast Broadband in New Zealand PDF
Farhaan Mirza, Fernando Beltran

Book Reviews

Benedetta Brevini, Arne Hintz, and Patrick Mccurdy (eds.), Beyond Wikileaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society PDF
Mira Burri

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